Vermicompost - the richest compost on Earth - can be made right inside your own home, with no smell or mess.

No need to buy an expensive "vermicompost" kit - I made mine from a plastic sweater box with a tight fitting lid.

I made narrow slits with a knife for air holes, shredded some newspaper (black and white sections only), added enough water to make it barely damp.

Then I put in some finely-chopped non-meat or -dairy kitchen scraps (banana peel, old lettuce, pepper core, eggshells, etc.) and a handful of "red wriggler" worms (IMPORTANT to use just red wrigglers - get them at bait shops or online by the pound (REALLY!).Once or twice a week I add fresh shredded paper and some more kitchen scraps.

When I am ready to harvest some compost, i just scoop it out, pile it up on a tray, and the worms head towards the bottom to get away from the light. I use the "vermi compost" in all my potted plants and seed starting trays.